Maureen Brady
Black and white women go on strike in a factory town—and two fall in love. 

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558610798
Publication Date: 06-01-1994

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Afterword by Bonnie Zimmerman

Folly tells the story of a diverse group of women working in a North Carolina textile plant who, brought together by the death of a baby, are able to successfully strike out against the management of the factory and bond together as a group.

"This book effectively reminds readers that, although we have made many gains, we have a long way to go." Washington Blade

"Folly speaks with an authenticity, a force, a caring that deepens and enlarges us." —Tillie Olsen, author of Tell Me A Riddle

"What a delight it is to have Folly back in print! Maureen Brady is one of our most original voices. Folly is riveting and inspirational, a heartwarming testimonial to what a few good women can do to make the world less racist, homophobic, and oppressive to women workers. The only true 'folly' is that this fine novel has been unavailable for so long. The new afterword by Bonnie Zimmerman is an excellent addition, which succinctly places the work in both a historical and literary context." —Karla Jay, co-editor of Lesbian Text and Contexts: Radical Revisions

"In this novel about work and passion Maureen Brady shows us the pride that has helped women survive a society which devalues both women and labor. Economic circumstance can't douse the spark that lights each of her characters' lives. The women bond together for strength, for a better life and for love." —Jewelle Gomez, author of The Gilda Stories