The support of a brilliant and dedicated community fuels our movement! Thank you to the following feminist champions who make our work possible.

Government Support

National Endowment for the Arts

New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

New York State Council on the Arts Literary Technical Assistance Program (LitTAP)

New York City Council

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Major Donors

Awesome Without Borders / The Harnisch Foundation
The Bay and Paul Foundations
Barbara Danish and Laura Brown
The Dobkin Family Foundation
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
The Jewish Communal Fund
The Laurence W. Levine Foundation
Nancy Meyer and Marc Weiss
The New York Community Trust Pyewacket Fund
The New York Women's Foundation
PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The Rockefeller Foundation
The Rotonda Foundation
The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation
Elizabeth Schraft
Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Individual Donors

Anonymous (en honor a Cherríe Moraga y Gloria E. Anzaldúa)
Anonymous (in honor of Marie Sawyer)
Anonymous (in honor of Tricia Wentworth)
Julia Allen (in honor of Nancy M. Porter)
Hilary Allred
Rachel Allred
Jennifer Allyn
Rima and Michael Apple
Stephanie Auteri
Julia Backoff
Jean Ballantyne
Gwendolyn Beetham
Elspeth Benton (in honor of Nancy Porter)
David Bleich
Gay Block
Glenna Booth
The Boston Foundation Back Porch Fund
Wickham Boyle
Jeff and Kristin Bradach
Matt Brim
Nonie Brzyski
Jules Chametzky
YZ Chin
Teal Christensen
Elizabeth Colton
Comcast Corporation
Savanna Creasy
CUNY Campaign for Charitable Giving
Marcellis Cutler
Maggie D'Aversa
Christopher Dean (in honor of Nancy Maxwell Porter)
Kira Del Mar
Louis Diamond
Rita Dillon
Paula Doress-Worters
Sarah Doyle
Joanne Edgar
Jasmine Evaristo
Elliot Fox (in honor of Lori Fox)
Robert French (in honor of Marilyn French)
Susan Friedman (in honor of Nellie Y. McKay)
Robert Gilman
Kirsten Ginzky
Peg Gould
Vartan and Clare Gregorian
Yotam Hadass
C Gibson Halloran
Raghd Hamzeh
Sheila Hafter Gray
Helen Harrison
Joan Hartman
Dorothy Helly
Dorothy Helly (in honor of Paula Rothenberg)
Elyse Hilton (in honor of Florence Howe)
Nancy Hoffman
Hanna Hupp
The Hyman Family Foundation
Ann and Edward Jawin
Rebecca Jordan-Young
Petra Kassun-Mutch (in honor of LiisBeth Media)
Lilly Knoepp (in honor of Jennifer Knoepp)
Joan Korenman
Sally Lawall
Kevin Lee
Jamela Lewis
Jennifer Lim (in honor of Meghan Sickmeier)
Robin Lloyd
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Anne-Marie Mallon
Courtney Martin (in honor of Willa Alfreda Campbell-Wilson)
Jaden Martinez
Jillian McKeown
Courtney McLean
Nicole Medham
Emma Mellinger
Stacey Morin
Macartney Morris
Claire G. Moses
Yolanda Moses and James Bawek
Owen J. Flanagan & Company, LLP
Vincent Odamtten
Victor Ortiz
Linda Pinkow
Katha Pollitt
Lynn Povich (in honor of Jennifer Baumgardner)
Amanda Powell
Jenny Pressman
Puffin Foundation West, Ltd.
Daniel Reid
Marilyn Reznick
Lucy Rimalower
Ann Rittenberg
Paul Rittenberg
Polly Rittenberg
Alisa Roadcup
Lois Rubin
Jonathan Saxon
Laura Schwemm
Elizabeth Shapiro
Charlotte Sheedy
Sindee Smolowitz (in honor of Barbara Rosen and Pat Martone)
Elizabeth Starčević
The Robert L. and Ellen D. Stern Foundation
Erika Swyler
Priscilla Tate
Rukmini Timmaraju
William Tucker
Karen Twitchell
Abner Valenzuela
C van der Weyden
Alma L Villanueva
Vikki Warner
Zoe Wicomb
Anne B. Zill


Note: If you are one of our amazing donors and would like to add, remove, or correct your name above, please email sophia[at]feministpress[dot]org!