By Cecile

By Cecile


Tereska Torres
Her husband takes her novels and signs them as his own; she takes his lover and becomes her mistress.

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Paperback Edition
: 9781558618053
Publication Date: 10-16-2012

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When Cecile is orphaned at eighteen at the end of WWII, she finds refuge in Paris with an older man. He introduces her to a world of artists (Cocteau, Sartre, Eartha Kitt!), and encourages her to denounce monogamy as bourgeois. She takes a mistress of her own, and begins to find her own voice as a writer of adult fiction.

"Madame Torres has re-imagined a youthful Colette (here called Cecile) in the infinitely seductive post-World War II period in Paris, where she moves like a sleeping princess through the perverse fairy tales of man-made cafe society. By Cecile is a sharply perceptive novel." —Joan Schenkar, author of The Talented Miss Highsmith

"Sophisticated . . . not much is left to the imagination." Cleveland Press

"Sensuous . . . Very exciting."Virginian-Pilot

"For adults only." —Southland Magazine