Bunny Lake Is Missing

Bunny Lake Is Missing


Evelyn Piper
A Hitchcock-like thriller about a lost child and a mother depicted as mad.

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558614741
Publication Date: 10-01-2004

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Afterword by Maria DiBattista

Bunny Lake is missing after her first day at nursery school. Is she the victim of a diabolical plot—or is she a chimera in the twisted mind of Blanche Lake, a young working mother just arrived in New York who's left behind the shame of being the mistress of a married man? An eccentric and creepy supporting cast and a dose of dark humor complement a core of gripping psychological suspense.

"A brilliant tale of psychological suspense, Bunny Lake Is Missing is a classic thriller—a riveting revisit to the dark side of the fifties, where the tension beneath the calm surface has an undertow that drags the reader into its grip. Prime pulp—pure pleasure." —Linda Fairstein, author of The Bone Vault

"A beautiful job . . . frantic scenes of action, contagious terror and near hysteria."San Francisco Chronicle

"Evelyn Piper . . . master of taut and impelling writing, [presents] a headlong story of nerve-wracking tension, psychological validity and emotional drive." Oakland Tribune

"The distraught, gusty, and hip mother I played in Bunny Lake Is Missing is my all-time favorite role. —Carol Lynley, actress