Give Thanks for FP

Why Are We Thankful for the Feminist Press?

With Thanksgiving and #GivingTuesday right around the corner, we're taking a minute to share why we are grateful for the Feminist Press!


The Staff



I am thankful to have been born into a world where the Feminist Press already existed.I am grateful to the press for providing me for the space to write and share my values, to collaborate with other feminist organizers and creators, and now to work with an extraordinary team on ensuring that the future is feminist.


I am thankful for the Feminist Press because it gives me the opportunity to uplift marginalized voices and live my values daily, and an article from WSQ was pretty key to my thesis. Plus I work with a pretty awesome group of feminists.


Each day I have the honor of working with brilliant, creative, and kind people who are creating the books that are our road map to a feminist future. I've dreamed of working at a place like Feminist Press my entire life.

— Lucia

I am thankful to FP for providing a haven for queer literature through our Amethyst Editions imprint and for always looking ahead to a more inclusive feminist future!


I love books! Reading (like, all the time) helped me become the person and the feminist I am today. I'm so excited to be part of an organization dedicated to filling the world with intersectional feminist lit.

—Sophia M

I'm thankful for the Feminist Press community. It's amazing to be connected to such an expansive community of authors and feminists and organizers and readers, both the people who have created and shaped our work, and those who have been changed or challenged by our books.


I'm thankful for the Feminist Press because every day I get to come to work and be surrounded by passionate feminists who love books. Dream job anyone?




The Interns

I'm thankful for the Feminist Press because of all it has done for women writers in the past, and for the writers it works with now. It is super clear that they really care for their authors and for their messages and missions.

 — Sophia L

I'm grateful to the Feminist Press for being an organization that values intersectional, responsive feminism above all else. Like, how cool is it that nine full-time staff members (and many, many interns!) get to practice feminism professionally? I continue to be in awe of FP's work and that of our community at large.


I am thankful for the Feminist Press because it introduces me (and the world!) to feminist literature I would otherwise not discover. I can trust FP to lead me to great new books and authors, and I'm particularly grateful that they bring so many amazing works of world literature into English.


I'm thankful for FP because it publishes feminist literature that speaks to local, national, and global issues like police brutality, reproductive rights, fascism, and colonial violence. I'm most excited about the translations The Restless (forthcoming January 2018), a novel by Gerty Dambury that analyzes the 1967 colonial massacre in Guadeloupe through the curiosity of a young girl, and Translation as Transhumance , a memoir/philosophical treatise by Mireille Gansel.


Those are the reasons why we are grateful, but what about yours? Use any of the platforms below to tell us (and your friends) why you are thankful for the Feminist Press.

Lucia Brown