The Feministing Five: Juniper Fitzgerald & Elise Peterson

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From Feministing:

Juniper Fitzgerald’s new book, How Mamas Love Their Babies, out February 12th from the Feminist Press, is the first children’s book to feature a sex worker parent! The book, beautifully illustrated by artist Elise Peterson, explores the many ways mothers care for their children—piloting airplanes, washing floors, dancing at a strip club, working in an office, and more. Introducing the idea of bodily labor, the book provides an expanded picture of working moms and challenges head on the idea that only certain jobs are analogous with positive parenting.

This week, I had the pleasure of catching up with Juniper Fitzgerald, herself a former sex worker, and illustrator Elise Peterson for The Feministing Five. We chatted about motherhood and labor, how communities can support sex workers, and what How Mamas Love can mean for kids and parents alike. You can pre-order this gorgeous picture book today straight from the Feminist Press.

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How Mamas Love Their Babies

Juniper Fitzgerald and Elise Peterson
Mamas work in different ways to take care of their babies, but everything they do is out of love.

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