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Orly Castel-Bloom
A wealthy Israeli family becomes estranged as war and commerce increasingly define their lives.

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Paperback Edition
Publication Date: 10-01-2013

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The Gruber family are all involved in textiles: Irad, a genius scientist, develops flak jackets for soldiers; Dael, his son, serves as a sniper; Lirit, the rebellious eldest daughter, takes over her mother's pajama factory, and Amanda, the domineering mother, undergoes invasive cosmetic surgery. Written with wit and humanity, Textile is a startling novel about contemporary Israeli life.

"With understated flair and stoic wit, Castel-Bloom uses the Gruber family to explore the themes of globalization, materialism, superficiality, and longevity, anchoring her story in a neighborhood and attempting to “connect all this beauty and luxury to some kind of posterity beyond [the family’s] grasp.” Castel-Bloom once again captures the culture of modern-day Israel with provocative deadpan humor." Publishers Weekly

"Internationally acclaimed Castel-Bloom (Human Parts, 2004, etc.)—whose Dolly City is listed by UNESCO’s Collection of Representative Works—deftly weaves a web of intertwining character studies, each rich with detail and nuance. Against the backdrop of war and unrest, the strivings of a woman for independence gain international depth." Kirkus Reviews