Pissing in a River

Pissing in a River

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Lorrie Sprecher
A wide-eyed punk rocker's tribute to London and the voices in her head.

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558618527
Publication Date: 06-17-2014

Amanda goes to England with punk music and the voices of two British women in her head. She starts a band (Lesbian Raincoats) and meets a new lover, despite her worries that OCD and the meds she secretly takes for it will be discovered. Providing its own soundtrack, this outsider novel is irreverently funny and sweetly romantic.

Pissing in a River is a love letter to the obsessions that captivated an outcast generation: punk, politics, passion, and provocation. Sprecher’s smart and fiercely empathetic characters evoke the beauty of the chosen family, the shelter from solitude in which they revel together, and the art that keeps them alive.” —Maria Raha, author of Cinderella's Big Score: Women of the Punk

“Beautiful and honest, Pissing in a River chronicles the lives of queer activists: their art, their downfalls, and their epic love stories.” —Cristy C. Road, author of Spit and Passion

"Lorrie Sprecher's Pissing in a River is testament to the fact that women are not hidden from the world, we're IN it. And sometimes we make noise about that." —Kristin Hersh, author of Paradoxically Undressing