Lorrie Sprecher

Lorrie Sprecher is the author of Sister Safety Pin (Firebrand, 1994). Her collection of short fiction, Anxiety Attack, was published by Violet Ink in 1992. Her work has appeared in anthologies including Dykes With Baggage (Alyson Books, 2000); Lavender Mansions: 40 Contemporary Lesbian and Gay Short Stories (Westview Press, 1994); Glibquips: Funny Words by Funny Women (The Crossing Press, 1994). Excerpts of early drafts of this novel have appeared in various journals and online zines.

Lorrie was a member of ACT UP/DC (the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power in Washington, DC) and has been arrested six times for acts of nonviolent civil disobedience. She has a PhD in English and American literature from the University of Maryland, College Park. Lorrie and her dog Kurt reside in Syracuse, New York.

Her edgy, quirky voice delivers an acerbic cultural critique, and at her readings, she has been told that she should consider a career in stand-up comedy.

Before 9/11, Lorrie wrote songs against the Taliban for RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) and is an outspoken critic of elective wars and the US government’s use of torture. The punk song “It’s a Heteronormative World, No!” recorded by her band Sugar Rat appears on a compilation put out by Riot Grrrl Berlin. Sugar Rat’s music is available for digital download. For more information on her writing and music, please visit her websites: www.lorriesprecher.com and www.sugarrat.com.

Lorrie is interested in the struggle for human rights and animal rights around the globe. She lives in her head but also in the world.

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