The End of This Day's Business

The End of This Day's Business


Katharine Burdekin

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Paperback Edition
Publication Date: 03-01-1990

Afterword by Daphne Patai

In a world ruled by women, men live alone and rear boys in a cheerful atmosphere of sports, physical labor, and healthy sexuality, but without the consciousness of anxiety of knowledge of history claimed by women.

This novel, written in 1935 and described by Choice as "a forgotten masterpiece," turns on the desire of a woman to teach her son about the past. Risking both their lives, she tells the story of the rise of fascism and the subsequent world transformation as life-loving women took over from death-loving men.

"One of the few serious role-reversal utopias we have. I read it in one sitting." —Joanna Russ, author of The Female Man

"In The End of This Day's Business, Katharine Burdekin creates a world turned round from the patriarchal world we inhabit and the nightmarish version of patriarchy she created in Swastika Night. Written in 1935, but never published before, this powerful drama is an extraordinary achievement at any time, but especially so in the wake of Hitler's growing strength. Bravo to the Feminist Press for making available this astonishing contribution to feminist utopian literature." —Ann J. Lane, editor of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Herland