The Mer-Child

The Mer-Child


Robin Morgan
A Legend for Children and Other Adults

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558610545
Publication Date: 09-01-1991

This enchanting story tells of two outsiders who find a deep kinship in each other. The Mer-Child—with his pale green skin, surf-white hair, and shimmering tail—is not fully accepted in the sea world or the human world. The Little Girl—the child of a black mother and a white father—has been ostracized both because of her race and because her legs are paralyzed. The bond they weave, against all odds, becomes a wondrous celebration of our common capacity to love.

"What a rare and precious tale this is! A story worthy of children and the casual miracles of this magical world." —Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple

"Robin Morgan's fable for the child in each of us and the grown-up in all children has been lovingly passed around as an underground classic. At last, the Feminist Press is bringing it to a world that needs the wisdom of children and the idealistic, believing child in all of us. Thank you one and all for setting the Mer-Child free." —Gloria Steinem, author of My Life on the Road