Between Mothers and Daughters

Between Mothers and Daughters


Edited by Susan Koppelman
A collection of short stories exploring mothers and daughters.

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558614598
Publication Date: 11-03-2003

Foreword by Alix Kates Shulman

Well-known literary historian Susan Koppelman combed archives to create a unique collection that illuminates the many challenges facing mothers and daughters. With contributions from key writers such as Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Tess Slesinger, Tillie Olsen, and Alice Walker, to less anthologized writers such as Susan Petigru Bowen and Alice Brown.

"This is both an entertaining and insightful collection of short stories—each one well-written, and almost all sure to strike a pang of familiarity." Boston Herald

“This book derives its coherence and power not as a repository of historically representative material, useful as that is, but rather from the illumination of poignant aspects of the relations between mothers and daughters and from the reverberating theme of exploitation of women by men in a patriarchal society.”Women’s Review of Books