Living on the Borderlines

Living on the Borderlines

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Melissa Michal
Both on and off the rez, characters contend with identity as contemporary members of the Seneca Nation.


Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781936932467
Publication Date: 02-12-2019

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In these stories, intergenerational memory and trauma slips into everyday life: a Seneca teenager struggles to understand her grandmother’s silences, a Haida man contemplates the what it means to preserve tradition in the wake of the "disappearing Indian" myth, and a Mohawk man cannot stop seeing the political borders laid across his community.

With these stories, debut writer Melissa Michal weaves together an understated and contemplative collection exploring what it means to be Native.

“The stories in Living on the Borderlines cross bloodlines, heart lines, and cultural lines, powerfully charting what it is to be human in a world that works to divide us.” —Susan Power, author of Sacred Wilderness