Lillian D. Wald

Lillian D. Wald


Edited by Clare Coss
The story of a progressive activist.

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 978-1-55861-000-2
Publication Date: 07-01-1989


Clare Coss's one-woman play, closely based on Wald's writing, conveys the personal moments that made her public contributions a lasting mandate for social change. Wald's speeches, letters and leaflets are also included, highlighting Wald's antiwar activities and her deep concern for the rights of labor. Coss's introduction and notes on the documents place the documents and the events of the play in context.

"The vivid artistry of Clare Coss's play combined with the splendid documentation secure Lillian Wald's rightful place in our history. This dynamic crusader for health, justice, and peace inspires us with her vision and activist example." —Mary Frances Berry, a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

"Claire Coss's play, a vibrant portrait, lures us to a fascinating selection of Wald's speeches and letters. In Lillian D. Wald: Progressive Activist we encounter an extraordinary American woman whose sensitivity and anger drew her to visionary work in public health, the rights of children, women's suffrage, peace, racial justice, culture, and recreation. At a time when we fight a narrowing of the definition of feminism, this book about the founder of Henry Street Settlement is crucial inspiration in a unique and welcoming form." —Honor Moore, editor of the anthology The New Women's Theatre: Ten Plays by Contemporary American Women

"Lillian Wald speaks to us about our own problems: cities and poverty, power and feminism. Claire Coss captures and recreates the multiple and complex voices of this provocative, charismatic 'lady leader'." —Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, author of Disorderly Conduct: Visions of Gender in Victorian America

"Reading this book restores one's commitment to carrying forth the vision of peace, social justice, and health for the world community that Lillian Wald shaped and acted on in her every day life as a nurse, feminist, and social activist. Clare Coss has brought Wald and her vision alive in this creatively conceived and compelling book." —Diana Mason, R.N., assistant professor and Henry Rutgers Research Fellow at the College of Nursing, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey