Journey Toward Freedom

Journey Toward Freedom


Jacqueline Bernard
The Story of Sojourner Truth

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558610248
Publication Date: 08-01-1990

Born a slave in 1797, Sojourner Truth eventually gained her freedom and became known for her wit, her songs, and her great common sense. She electrified audiences as she championed civil rights, women’s rights, prison reform, and better working conditions.

In the New York Times Book Review, Richard Ellman wrote: “Quietly factual when it suits her story, but lyrical when the demand arises, Jacqueline Bernard has succeeded on nearly every account. A good popular history.”

"Lyrical when the demand arises, Jacqueline Bernard has succeeded. . . . I read [Journey Toward Freedom] as I would any good popular history concerning an era about which I would like to learn more, and I learned from the author's quiet narrative ease and lucid prose." —New York Times Book Review

"A magnificent biography of a magnificent woman, told with no strident blare of trumpets, but with a steady roll of drums." —Publishers Weekly

"Many biographies are touted as being inspiring: this one really is because the author has let the vigor, the humility, and the courage of Sojourner speak for themselves." —Saturday Review