I Still Believe Anita Hill

I Still Believe Anita Hill


Edited by Amy Richards and Cynthia Greenberg 
The nation's most notable feminists, organizers, and scholars reflect on the Clarence Thomas hearings.

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Publication Date: 12-11-2012

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In 1991 Anita Hill became a household name and sexual harassment became part of mainstream conversation for the first time. Today that moment remains a rallying point for issues of harassment in the workplace, at school, on the streets. What progress has been made? What setbacks? What are the new challenges? Leading feminist voices respond in this exciting collection.

"This powerful book preserves the essays and conversations from the October 2011 conference organized at Hunter College for the 20th anniversary of Anita Hill’s testimony at Clarence Thomas’s Senate confirmation hearings. The eloquent results explore the hearings themselves—in which Hill charged that Supreme Court nominee Thomas had sexually harassed her—as well as their impact on the legal, social, and cultural landscape, and the lives of the authors... The essays are by turns personal and analytical, but all are moving and engrossing." Publishers Weekly