Guardian Angel and Other Stories

Guardian Angel and Other Stories


Margery Latimer
A recovered story collection of early twentieth-century lost gems. 

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Paperback Edition
Publication Date: 01-01-1984

Afterword by Nancy Loughridge, Meridel Le Sueur, and Louis Kampf

When Margery Latimer died in childbirth in 1932 at the age of thirty-three, she left behind a small body of published and unpublished fiction. 

These stories reveal a writer working in a distinctly modern idiom—ironic, distancing, and somewhat surreal, Margery Latimer explores sexuality and the unconscious in a recognizable midwestern setting. 

"Margery Latimer belongs to the tradition . . . of Katherine Mansfield and D.H. Lawrence. The genius in all three cases is unmistakable—but is intensely personalized, and in her case, cut short by death. Less exquisite, less frail, less delicately formed than Katherine Mansfield's prose is hers, but the emotion behind the words cuts deeper." —Horace Gregory, author of The Dying Gladiators, and Other Essays

"Margery Latimer knows and understands human beings, particularly those who have been treated none too gently in the course of their lives. . . . The heaviness and world-weariness of her stories are balanced by the excellent craftsmanship which is the outstanding feature of her work." —New York Times Book Review

“Miss Latimer writes out of a deep and fruitful personality. Her stories are absorbed into her, then, disciplined by art, released into writing.” —New York Times