Apocalypse Baby

Apocalypse Baby

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Virginie Despentes
The search for a missing girl provides a scathing commentary on contemporary life.

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Paperback Edition
Publication Date: 04-14-2015

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Translated by Sian Reynolds

Apocalypse Baby is a smart, fast-paced mystery about a missing adolescent girl traveling through Paris and Barcelona. She is tailed by two mismatched private investigators: the Hyena, part ruthless interrogator, part oversexed rock star, and Lucie, her plain and passive—almost to the point of invisible—sidekick. As their desperate search unfolds, they interrogate a suspicious cast of characters, and the dark heart of contemporary youth culture is exposed.

"Despentes explores deeply flawed but interesting characters; the limits of traditional female roles; the ravages of the European class system; the challenge of Internet control; and the destructive self-indulgence of a youth culture that lacks its own deeply held beliefs and is, as such, easily manipulated by the darkest authority." —Kirkus

"Apocalypse Baby kept me up several nights in a row—in part because it’s a terrific page-turner, and in part because I was anxious to see how Despentes would sustain her narrative ride, which is replete with wily shifts in point of view, swift and trenchant characterizations, and a buoyant, even comedic energy laced with mordant cultural and psychological insights throughout. In the end, Apocalypse Baby is more than a compelling punk, queerish spin on the noir genre. It is a choral performance that tumbles its readers into the heart of violent spectacle, with all its attendant griefs, unease, and unclarity." —Maggie Nelson, author of The Argonauts

"It has everything: the nervous, ironic, vivid style of Baise-Moi... her sharp gaze on society and its divisions, her empathy for the poor wretches who compose it . . . an indefinable thriller, combing pulp and social chronicle." —L'Express

"Virginie Despentes's social criticism is blistering, but her prose is laid-back. Apocalypse Baby is an addictive feminist thriller that reads like shameless gossip from your smartest friend." —Johanna Fateman, writer and musician

"A model for the revolutionary figure . . . Grander than life." —Music & Literature

"Apocalypse Baby does not drift. It propels forward, hardly taking a breath.” Three Percent blog

"This is a book written to make the reader think, to challenge assumptions and provide no easy answer or understanding." —Lambda Literary Review