A Clear Spring

A Clear Spring


Barbara Wilson
An environmentalist mystery for young readers.

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Hardcover Edition
Publication Date: 01-01-2002

Willa C. Lopez is traveling on her own for the first time. She's almost twelve, and grown-up enough to fly on a plane by herself and spend the summer away from home. But is Willa ready for the changes, surprises, and mysteries she'll find when she arrives?

Willa is spending her summer in Seattle with Aunt Ceci and her partner, Janie. Through her work as a naturalist, Janie introduces Willa to the local wildlife and ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. Then someone starts polluting the salmon stream in the park where Janie works, and Willa teams up with her cousin Tabitha to find the culprit. From her diverse, confident, and sometimes eccentric bunch of relatives, Willa learns that there isn't any one kind of family—the only requirement is love. She also learns about ecosystems and "scientific sleuthing," and discovers what may be her life's work.

"Wilson convincingly portrays Willa's excitement as she develops a passionate interest in nature, and the 'eco-sleuthing' will attract mystery fans. Children looking for books showing nontraditional families will find a range of families here, including gay couples, interracial marriages, and single parents." —Booklist