Vera Caspary
A novel of breathtaking suspense and a brilliant psychological portrait.

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558615076
Publication Date: 11-01-2005

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Afterword by A.B. Emrys

Bedelia is the perfect Stepford Wife, 1940s style: beautiful, complacent, and adoring. But this kitten has claws—and a string of dead husbands in her past. Caspary supplies another new twist on the Femme Fatale, as the Angel in the House become an Angel of Death.

"Vera Caspary's gift was perhaps more subtle, and deadly [than Jim Thompson, David Goodis, and Charles Willeford]." —Robert Polito, author of Savage Art: A Biography of Jim Thompson

"You must read Bedelia to see just how slick Miss Caspary's techique of soft-shoe terror can be—how frightening she can make the chatter at an innocent dinner party, the lure of a lady's deshabille, the glimpse of a black pearl in a dresser drawer." New York Times

"A sinister entertainment 'especially for admirers of the psychological horror story.'" The New Yorker

"A tour de force of psychological suspense, Desperate Housewives meets Double Indemnity in Caspary's Bedelia." —Liahna Armstrong, President Emeritus, Popular Culture Association