#TeachFP and support feminist education!


Dear Feminist Press Friends,

Where would we be without feminist teachers?

This is Sophia speaking—I’m the development manager at the Feminist Press—and this question means a lot to me. From years of teaching and a whole lifetime of learning as an inquisitive feminist, I know firsthand how reading the right book, with the right teacher, at the right time can change your whole life, exploding the boundaries of the world you thought you knew.

Education is resistance. That’s the principle that in 1970 spurred an ambitious English teacher, Florence Howe, to found the Feminist Press and start publishing the books her students yearned for—texts that taught them to value themselves as writers, thinkers, and citizens.

Today, our world needs radical educators more than ever. As someone who stakes a lot on the power of intersectional feminist pedagogy, I give thanks every single day that I work for a press that publishes the books our culture needs right now. Every FP book is a tool for revolutionary education.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing stories from across our community about the importance of feminist books for a radical education and what it means to #TeachFP, so please stay posted!

For now, to all the feminist teachers out there: thank you for planting the seeds of liberation. To all you feminist students hard at work both inside and outside the classroom: we’re in this together. Let’s go!

Three cheers for feminist education! Your donation of $10, $25, $50, $100, or any amount you choose supports the books that spark revolution in the classroom and in the streets.

See you in the stacks,

Sophia, on behalf of the entire Feminist Press team

Sophia Magnone