Out of the archives and into the streets, with your help.


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The history of feminist working-class literature is about to take a big step forward. This fall, the Feminist Press is reissuing the iconic Daughter of Earth, Agnes Smedley’s account of the gradual awakening of a young socialist activist. And you can help us bring this vital work out of the archives and into the streets.

An early twentieth-century journalist, writer, activist, and spy, Agnes Smedley lived a wild and defiant life, and her semiautobiographical Daughter of Earth, first published in 1929, lays bare the hardship of one woman’s struggle for freedom. Born into rural poverty, Smedley’s heroine Marie grows up to kick back against the brutality of the capitalist system and the rank injustices of patriarchy and white supremacy.

The story of her rising political consciousness proclaims a truth as necessary now as it was in Smedley’s lifetime: liberation must be an intersectional project or it will go nowhere.

Social justice movements of today—and tomorrow—need this book. Will you help carry its legacy forward for future generations of readers and activists?

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P.S. Do you love yourself when you are laughing? We’ll be back soon to tell you how you can sponsor our reissue of Zora Neale Hurston’s classic anthology!

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