Sisterhood Is Global


This month, we’re sharing how the Feminist Press fights censorship and promotes free speech and expression with our inclusive publishing mission.

Dear Friend,

About 3 percent of all books published in the US are works in translation, and the overwhelming majority of those are written by men. In a recent study from Three PercentFP ranked in the top 10 US publishers printing the most translated books by women. Since 1970, the Feminist Press has recognized that feminism is global. From our Women Writing Africa series to The Defiant Muse, we’ve always been committed to publishing works by women from around the world.

Here’s what you should know about our translations:

Our translations are seriously international. We publish books from MexicoLebanonIraqIndiaVietnamFranceItalyKoreaPolandIsrael, and Guadeloupe, to name a few.

Our translations share untold stories.  La Bastarda (2018) will be the first novel to be published in English by an Equatorial Guinean woman. Thérèse and Isabelle, a love story between two young women which had been censored for over 30 years, was published by FP in its unexpurgated form.

Our translations subvert conceptions about their countries of origin.  August, a tale of friendship and loss, is an Argentinian novel about something other than the "Dirty War." Beijing Comrades, the first gay novel from mainland China, is set against the sociopolitical unrest of late-eighties China, not in it.

Our translators are women, too. Emma Ramadan, Ros Schwartz, Judith G. Miller, Sophie Lewis, and Jennifer Croft are just a few of the translators working on FP books.

We’re committed to amplifying stories that may otherwise be unheard, and we do that by consistently publishing works in translation.

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With gratitude,

The Feminist Press Team

Lucia Brown