All great parties must come to an end... Last call for the Non-Event Event!

Dear Friend,

The Feminist Press staff had a blast at the Third Annual Non-Event Event, and we hope you did too!

Together, we honored our VIPscurated a stellar programfeasted on a menu of literary delightschatted with our eminent guests, and snuck behind the scenes.

Revolutions can brew between the pages of a book, as our community well knows, and sometimes a quiet evening at home is what we all need. With our trusty formula—a Feminist Press book, a soothing beverage, a furry friend, and a comfy chair—you can throw your own DIY Non-Event Event any day of the year. And please consider a donation to help us change the world through revolutionary feminist publishing!

Last chance to donate to the Non-Event Event! Your gift of ANY amount is an investment in the future of feminist storytelling.

With love, lit, and leisure,

Jamia, Jisu, Suki, Sophia, Drew, Alyea, Hannah, Lauren, and Lucia

Sophia Magnone