Meet Our Distinguished Non-Event Event Honoree… You!


Dear Friend,

The Third Annual Non-Event Event is happening now! At this year’s stay-at-home gala in support of indie feminist publishing, we’d like to honor someone very special—our dedicated reader and supporter, YOU!

Tonight, raise a glass to yourself in recognition of all you do to help feminist literature thrive. You dive into our books with curiosity and joy, listening to our authors’ voices and immersing yourself in their stories.

So treat yourself like the A-lister you are with that magical combination: one book, one reader, and one comfy chair. Thanks for all you do—we’re applauding you from here!

Support the Feminist Press without getting off your couch with an online gift of $25, $50, $100, or any amount that’s meaningful to you!

Happy literary lazing,

Your friends at the Feminist Press—Jamia, Lauren, Hannah, Suki, Lucia, Alyea, Drew, Jisu, and Sophia

Sophia Magnone