Read to Resist

Read to Resist

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At the Feminist Press, we believe books foster empathy, change culture, and provide us with words when we are speechless. Here's what we're reading today:

In Go Home!, twenty-four authors of the Asian diaspora explore the phrase's personal and political dimensions. "An invigorating antidote to the xenophobia of our times," says Ruth Ozeki, author of A Tale for the Time Being.

On Shifting Ground connects with muslim women in the global era, offering an insider view on how Muslim women are navigating technology, public space, secularism/fundamentalism, and citizenship.

Rooted in Black feminism and built on intersecting identities, Radical Reproductive Justice asserts a woman's right to have children, to not have children, and to parent and provide for the children they have.

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Grab all three titles now (you can send them to the White House if you want!)

Go Home!

Edited by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan
"Go home!" is always a slur, but often also an impossibility; this collection explores the words' personal and political dimensions.

Radical Reproductive Justice

Edited by Loretta J. Ross, Lynn Roberts, Erika Derkas, Whitney Peoples, and Pamela Bridgewater Toure
Foundations, Theory, Practice, Critique

On Shifting Ground, Revised Edition

Edited by Fereshteh Nouraie-Simone
Muslim Women in the Global Era