A Taste of Molecules

A Taste of Molecules


Diane Fresquez
A food writer on the trail of what titilates our taste buds.

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Paperback Edition
Publication Date: 10-08-2013

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Do women and men differ in their perception of flavors? What happens when you secretly experiment on a group of scientists during a dinner eaten completely in the dark? Fresquez explores the passionate people working to uncover the truths about food,flavor, and the link to memory, personality, and style.

"A Taste of Molecules, may sound technical or overly scientific, it is in fact a very pleasant and easy read filled with anecdotes from the author’s youth, her travels and her relationships with food as well as people. . . .From a foodie perspective, however, the book is much more than that. . . .Fresquez continues in this nostalgic spirit throughout the 210-page book, conjuring up images of warm family dinners, long hours spent gathered around the table and, of course, scrumptious dishes." —Robyn Boyle, Flanders Today