Zipper Mouth

Zipper Mouth


Laurie Weeks
The long-awaited debut novel destined to join the ranks of On the Road and Naked Lunch.

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558617483
Publication Date: 10-04-2011

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A comic yet startling recreation of obsession and unrequited love set in the lurid 1990s East Village, Zipper Mouth chronicles the exuberance and mortification of a junkie. Between ranting letters to Judy Davis and Sylvia Plath, and glimpses of a desolate childhood, Weeks captures the frenzy and futility of the bright lights and big city.

"Laurie Weeks's Zipper Mouth is a short tome of infinitesimal reach, a tiny star to light the land." —Eileen Myles, author of Inferno

"Zipper Mouth is a brilliant rabbit hole of pitch-black hilarity, undead obsession, the horror of the everyday, and drug, drugs, drugs." —Michelle Tea, co-founder of Sister Spit

"Brash, exuberant . . . recalls Naked Lunch and imparts a fresh, lyrical sympathy . . . Dreamy, impressionistic, and rapturous . . . an ecstatic love story.” Publishers Weekly

"Embarrassment, fear of rejection and all its associated paralysis consume our protagonist whilst the liberating effects of hedonism affect the story by degrees. The result is a beautiful telling of psychosis (drug-induced and otherwise) that is painfully honest and depressingly funny. Another good book for anyone keen to laugh at the tragedy of existence (who isn’t?) and to savour the talents of a bright, new literary force." —Nathalie Olah, AnOther Magazine