A Rising Public Voice

A Rising Public Voice


Edited by Alida Brill
Women in Politics Worldwide

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Paperback Edition
Publication Date: 09-01-1995

Foreword by Gertrude Mongella

Leaders from thirty countries reveal the problems, sacrifices, rewards, and realities of women in public life.

In essays, profiles, and interviews, activists and women at the highest levels of national governments describe election campaigns, party politics, and work in parliamentary chambers; whether and how their agendas and political styles differ from men's; and how, unlike men, they must manage family responsibilities and accept public scrutiny of their personal lives.

"A Rising Public Voice is an exciting volume by and about women in government—South Africa and the United States, Asia and Eastern Europe, and elsewhere—that offers an excellent analysis of where we've been, where we are, how far we've yet to go, and how we feel and think about politics. I highly recommend this book." —Congresswoman Maxine Waters, California

"An inspiration and a guide to young women all over the world who hope to continue opening the corridors of political power to daughters, sisters, and mothers now and in the future." —Senator Barbara Mikulski, Maryland

"No issues are more urgent for our planet's future than the issues explored with vision and depth in this splendid book. It is a provocative and important contribution to our ongoing struggle for respect, influence, and power. Every feminist, everyone concerned about women's rights, world politics, and the future, will want to read and ponder this book." —Blanche Weisen Cook, author of Eleanor Roosevelt, Volumes One & Two