The New Lesbian Studies

The New Lesbian Studies

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Edited by Bonnie Zimmerman and Toni A. H. McNaron
Into the Twenty-First Century

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558611368
Publication Date: 10-01-1996

Foreword by Margaret Cruikshank
Introduction by Bonnie Zimmerman and Toni A. H. McNaron

By celebrating the differences among lesbian scholars and attending to the ways in which the field has been shaped by shifting politics and the emergence of queer studies, this collection challenges the limits of lesbian studies while affirming its value.

Forty essays arranged in six parts explore the history of lesbian studies as well as its current impact on conceptions of identity and community, teaching, academic disciplines, university practices, and the development of feminist and queer theories. The collection offers stirring personal testimony; multicultural and international perspectives and established and new voices; strategies for integrating lesbian studies into the curriculum; and contributions from lesbians working in libraries, athletic departments, and students services. Throughout, the contributors address the ways in which lesbian studies has transformed and will continue to transform traditional disciplines, practices, and thought.

With its multicultural, multidisciplinary breadth and its unique emphasis on theory, practice, and activism, The New Lesbian Studies speaks to a broad audience of students, activists, and scholars.

"The New Lesbian Studies is monumental and passionate—the only book of its kind. . . . [It] provides a lively chronicle of the growth and development of lesbian scholarship while it poses some key questions: What is the future of lesbian studies? How is this future shaped by queer studies on the one hand and feminism and women's studies on the other? With impressive breadth, these essays explore these questions as they address issues of identity and community, the challenges of teaching, the impact of new research, and the transformation of institutions. The substantial number of essays by women of color and the contributions by international scholars provide new perspectives, information, and approaches that move the field forward. The clarity and energy of the writing make this work an excellent introductory text for newcomers, while the complexity of the issues considered makes it invaluable for experienced scholars in the field." —Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, author of Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold

"An important collection that brings together outstanding lesbian classics with a wealth of new and diverse perspectives on research, teaching, and institutional survival. It is sure to become a major resource for lesbian studies classes." —Estelle B. Freedman, author of Their Sisters' Keepers and Maternal Justice

"A well-woven, multicultural work that augments, illuminates, and supports a too-long-ignored field. With its collection of diversified voices, sharing common and uncommon experiences and knowledge, this book is not only for classrooms and libraries, but also for homes." —Ann Allen Shockley, author of Loving Her