The Doulas

The Doulas


Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell
Full spectrum doulas provide support for those confronting life, death, and the sticky in-between.

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558619418
Publication Date: 11-15-2016

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Through their unique hands-on activism, full-spectrum doulas provide tangible support for those confronting life, death, and the sticky in-between.

As more feminism migrates online, the activist providers of the Doula Project remain focused on life’s physically intimate relationships: between caregivers and patients, parents and pregnancy, individuals and their own bodies. They are committed to supporting a pregnancy no matter the outcome—whether it results in birth, abortion, miscarriage, or adoption—and to facing the question of choice head-on.

"Eye-opening… Throughout, the authors' stories are vivid, absorbing, and informative. A gripping chronicle that will be especially useful for expectant or aspirational mothers.” Kirkus

"Thoughtful... The writing is clear, and the message is too: reproductive justice for the poor starts with the “quiet brand of activism” of one-on-one support and telling other people’s stories." —Publishers Weekly

"Honest, raw, and charged. . . . The Doulas is part memoir, part how-to manual, and part political treatise. . . . It’s a well-crafted, comprehensive, and compelling mix." —Rewire

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