Love War Stories

Love War Stories


Ivelisse Rodriguez
This poignant, street-smart collection follows idealistic teenagers and weary mothers battling over what it means to be a woman in love.


Paperback Edition
IBSN: 9781936932252
Publication Date: 07-10-2018

Puerto Rican girls are brought up to want one thing: true love. Yet they are raised by women whose lives are marked by broken promises, grief, and betrayal. While some believe that they’ll be the ones to finally make it work, others swear not to repeat cycles of violence. This collection documents how these “love wars” break out across generations as individuals find themselves caught in the crosshairs of romance, expectations, and community.

“An insightful look into girlhood, race, and the wounds of growing up, Love War Stories by Ivelisse Rodriguez is a searing collection. Rodriguez has a rare gift for describing the minutiae of contemporary life, the heartaches as well as the dangers, without flinching. A dazzling collection by an important new voice.” —Mark Haber, Brazos Bookstore