Meet Our Non-Event Event Honoree...YOU!

The Feminist Press 2017 Non-Event Event is happening now! This annual tradition celebrates leaders whose work advances self-care, relaxation, and of course, reading. Among our honorees for 2017, we are celebrating our dedicated reader and supporter… YOU!

Your passion for feminist publishing has been put into practice through the work you do—stretching out on the couch and cracking open one of our latest titles. Your commitment to a good book, cozy seat, and maybe a delicious glass of wine is what makes you the perfect honoree for the Non-Event Event.

But you also always respond to our calls for support and we’re eternally grateful. We’re asking you to support us from the comfort of your home, no fancy gala or performance, just a simple celebration of staying in to read an FP book.

Thank you for all you do. Enjoy the spotlight—you deserve it!

Lucia Brown