Happy 89th birthday to our founder Florence Howe!


To our wonderful Feminist Press community,

This week, we celebrate the 89th birthday of our fearless founder, Florence Howe.

In 1970, as the movement for women’s liberation gathered momentum nationwide, Florence recognized that people of all genders and backgrounds were in dire need of books that would help them expand their possibilities as artists, thinkers, and human beings.

Nearly five decades later, the Feminist Press is still going strong, outliving many of its fellow feminist organizations and indie presses. Why? Because our founder Florence built this press to last. She laid firm foundations for a feminist lit community that is global, intersectional, and adaptable to the needs of its time.

Thanks to her wisdom and ceaseless hard work, the Feminist Press has continued to grow and thrive for an amazing forty-eight years, making us the world’s longest-running feminist publisher.

Please join us in honoring this remarkable woman and feminist champion!

Live it up on Florence’s 89th birthday with a one-time donation of $8.90, $89, $890, or any amount of your choosing. Every single dollar helps us sustain her legacy!

With birthday cheer and eternal thanks,

The Feminist Press team—Jamia, Jisu, Sophia, Lucia, Hannah, Lauren, Alyea, Drew, and Suki

Sophia Magnone