BYE BYE BLONDIE reviewed in The New York Times

Parul Sehgal reviews BYE BYE BLONDIE

‘I am writing as an ugly one for the ugly ones.’ So begins KING KONG THEORY, the French writer and filmmaker Virginie Despentes’s agreeably dyspeptic feminist manifesto published in France in 2006 and America four years later, in a translation by Stéphanie Benson. Despentes offers the book as a love letter to her kin: the ‘too fat,’ ‘too hairy,’ ‘too masculine,’ ‘women who don’t turn men on.’ This is no ploy for pity, mind you. ‘I would never swap ­places,’ she declares. ‘Being Virginie Despentes is a more interesting business than anything else going on out there.’
— Parul Sehgal, The New York Times
Bye Bye Blondie
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Bye Bye Blondie

Virginie Despentes
Psychiatric institutions and class difference doom two young lovers from the start in this dark romantic comedy.

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