BLACK WAVE and NATIVE TONGUE "27 Books Every Woman In America Should Read" via Buzzfeed

On Native Tongue by Suzette Haden Elgin:

"Predating The Handmaid’s Tale by a year, Elgin’s science fiction novel also imagines a future where women have lost most of their rights and have been banned from public life, save a small clan of women linguists who serve as interplanetary translators. Meanwhile, women who live in 'Barren House' — where any woman past childbearing age essentially waits to die — are fomenting revolution."

On Black Wave by Michelle Tea:

"Tea’s novel, which came out last year, is a wonderfully wild and weird tale about love, drugs, queerness, and the end of the world. What at first seems like an autobiographical novel of the ’90s in San Francisco soon turns into something much more bizarre, and ultimately thought-provoking, once the protagonist (also named Michelle) moves to LA. Read it and reconsider everything you thought you knew about queer narratives."

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Lucia Brown