Stop us if you've read this one...


This month, we’re sharing how the Feminist Press fights censorship and promotes free speech and expression with our inclusive publishing mission.

Hey Friend,

Stop us if you’ve read this one before: the story of a forty-something bisexual Latina searching for spiritual self-rescue, a yonic narrative of a teen mom who happens to be a witch, a punk rock tale of growing up gay and Black in 1980s Alabama, or a noir with a protagonist who is part ruthless interrogator, part oversexed rock star.

You haven’t?

Our LGBTQ+ texts are as varied as the community they reflect. These books challenge comfortable narratives about sexuality and commit to combating the danger of a single story. We publish what others may think is too queertoo academic (or not academic enough), or threatening to a politics of respectability because the Feminist Press has always been committed to lifting up countercultural voices.

Are you committed to a publishing mission that supports organic, sometimes differing narratives because LGBTQ+ visibility across media matters? We are too. Your contribution of $50, $25, even $10, helps us create magical books the reflect the human experience.

With gratitude,

The Feminist Press team

Lucia Brown