Global Sisterhood

Global Sisterhood


Includes translated titles August, Chasing The King of Hearts, The Iliac Crest, and Translation as Transhumance. Includes three feminist press pencils for all your marginalia needs.

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The Iliac Crest

Cristina Rivera Garza
This excavation of forgotten Mexican women writers illustrates how gendered language wields destructive power.

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Romina Paula
A young woman parses through the five years since her best friend's suicide in this self-deprecating examination of grief and loss.

Translation as Transhumance

Mireille Gansel
This half memoir, half philosophical treatise is a humanist meditation on translation.

Chasing the King of Hearts

Hanna Krall
When her husband is arrested in Nazi-occupied Poland, Izolda endures unending brutality to ensure his safety.