Feminist press(ents) for 2017

Here at the Feminist Press, we can’t imagine anything better than holiday gifts that come in the form of feminist literature. It’s what we intend to give, what we would love to receive, and what we suggest to you for all of your gift-giving needs. These are some of our favorite titles from both this year and years past, and we’ve paired them with other potential gifts for those in your life who may (for some reason unbeknownst to us) prefer a non-book. Peruse this list at your leisure and let us know what you decide on!


For the young feminist

From books to T-shirts, introduce the feminist-in-training in your life to a new way to view the world.


For the world-traveling feminist

Celebrate language, travel, and the world through this collection of books and other gifts.


For the feminist activist

Get inspired with words and art! 


For the feminist who knows reproductive rights are human rights

Books, tanks, and a feminist agenda.


For the fantasy and science-fiction loving feminist

From spell craft to spacecraft, get gifts for your friend who isn't interested in dealing with this reality.


For the feminist in need of a little self-care

Whether its planning a utopia, or indulging in a pedicure, these gifts are great for a night in.


For the queer-book-loving feminist

Spread the love with our Amythest editions!


For the feminist who has everything

Make a donation in the name of a feminist in your life and help make the world a better place.