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FAYE MOSKOWITZ is the author of A Leak in the Heart: Personal Essays and Life Stories and Whoever Finds This: I Love You. She teaches creative writing and Jewish American literature at The George Washington University.

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And the Bridge is Love

Faye Moskowitz

The Feminist Press brings back into print a literary gem by the acclaimed writer Faye Moskowitz. And the Bridge Is Love is a timeless collection of life stories about growing up in a Jewish family in Detroit during the Depression and becoming a writer in Washington DC. The essays range from one on a friend who is dying to a hilarious account of binge eating at a wedding. In between these two poles is a world both modern and old-fashioned, vivid, yet vanishing.

"In this lovely funny-sad-profound collection of essays, Moskowitz looks at life with brutal honesty, a poet's ear for language and a whole lot of humor. You don't have to be a Jewish feminist mama to love this book . . . but it wouldn't hurt."

—Majorie Ingall, Tablet Magazine

"What a feast of a book! With compassion and wit, and language honed to utter frankness, Moskowitz gives us her piercingly tender observations about unlikely friendships, transgressive love, disappointing plants, and sacred Jewish rituals of the kitchen."

—Susan Weidman Schneider, Lilith Magazine

"...bridges the gap between humor and despair, past and present, Jew and gentile, to reveal its author's simple humanity, deeply rooted in her unwavering love of family.... Touching and compelling."

—The Washington Post

"A modern woman's ancient voice, full of juicy taste of life—knowing, loving, feeling, and clever."

—Lore Segal, author of Shakespeare's Kitchen

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