WSQ: Internalizing the Curriculum

WSQ: Internalizing the Curriculum


Edited by Deborah S. Rosenfelt
Invaluable resource for teachers to internationalize the curriculum.

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558612105
Publication Date: 12-01-1998

Volume 26, Numbers 3–4: Fall/Winter 1998

The 1995 Beijing Conference on women challenged women's studies to become more inclusive. This issue, funded by the Ford Foundation, draws upon the work of WSAIS (Women's Studies Area and International Studies Curriculum Project) a twelve-campus project, also funded by Ford, and incorporates a broad range of essays on integrating the experiences and values of women around the world into the curriculum. It provides perspectives from women ranging from activists to economists, and provides project synopses of such progressive faculty development projects as WSAIS, SIROW, and NCROW.