The Tree and the Vine

The Tree and the Vine

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Dola de Jong
A lesbian love story set during the Nazi occupation in Holland.

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Hardcover ISBN: 9781558611405
Paperback ISBN9781558611412
Publication Date: 06-01-1996

Afterword by Lillian Faderman

This courageous early work of lesbian fiction (1951) tells the gripping story of two women torn between desires and taboos in the years leading up to the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam. Erica, a reckless young journalist, pursues passionate but abusive affairs with different women. Bea, a reserved secretary, grows increasingly obsessed with Erica —yet denial and shame keep her from recognizing her attraction. Only Bea’s discovery that Erica is half-Jewish and a member of the Dutch resistance—and thus very much in danger—brings her closer to accepting her own feelings.

"This compelling . . . novel allows us entry into a world in which the word lesbian is unspeakable and to be a Jew is unspeakably dangerous." —Evelyn Torton Beck, editor of Nice Jewish Girls: A Lesbian Anthology

"A masterful depiction of the love of two women, one of whom loves without understanding her own sensuality, while the other indulges in passions with little concept of love." —Johan P. Snapper, Queen Beatrix Professor of Dutch Language, Literature & Culture, University of California, Berkeley

"The Tree and the Vine carries the reader along, perfect for one long winter night. Exciting reading!" —Laureen Nussbaum, professor emerita, Portland State University