The Politics of Women's Studies

The Politics of Women's Studies

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Edited by Florence Howe
Testimony from Thirty Founding Mothers

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Paperback Edition
Publication Date: 08-01-2000

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Introduction by Mari Jo Buhle

Contributions from over 30 "mothers" of women's studies programs document the politics, challenges, and sacrifices in the decades-long fight to create curricula, programs, and legitimacy for women's studies. Barbara Smith, Johnnetta Cole, Yolanda Moses, Kathryn Kish Sklar, Annette Kolodny, and many others tell of their difficult, momentous and only—sometimes—successful battle to claim a place at the table.

"Now let us praise the famous and not-so-famous academic-activists who founded women's studies as a vital discipline within the humanities and higher education! A marvelous series of individual accounts by pioneering feminists captures and exhilaration of past achievements, of future challenges." —Susan D. Gubar, author of Critical Condition: Feminism at the Turn of the Century

"These narratives clearly reveal clarity of purpose and superb organizational skills, punctuated by flashes of humor, as women's studies' founding mothers devised and implemented subversive and creative means to their transformational ends. How fortunate the world of feminist research and teaching is to have this first-hand testimony and reflection on the origins of women's studies, even as it moves into a new century." —Toni A. H. McNaron, University of Minnesota, author of Poisoned Ivy: Lesbian and Gay Academics Confronting Homophobia

The Politics of Women’s Studies is an extraordinary collection that takes me back to the 1970s and the struggle to find a place for black women in the curriculum, to the excitement of the 1977 founding convention of the National Women’s Studies Association where I stood in arms with the emerging women of color caucus, and to the heady days of the 1980s—and the birthing of But Some of Us Are Brave: Black Women Studies and SAGE: A Scholarly Journal on Black Women.” —Patricia Bell-Scott, editor of Flat-footed Truths: Telling Black Women’s Lives