Solution Three

Solution Three


Naomi Mitchison
The 1975 sci-fi classic about a future society in which reproductive control and homosexuality attempt to shape a more equitable life for all.

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558610965
Publication Date: 05-01-1995

Afterword by Susan Squier

As a fast-paced novel about a future shaped by feminist ideals of sexual and racial equality, "solution three" at first seems to be a peaceful answer to the world's problems. Homosexuality as an international norm and reproduction by cloning have minimized aggression and overpopulation. The sexes have equal rights and status, racial tension has been eliminated through genetic intermixing, and scientists work closely with the governing body, the Council, to keep an eye on the food supply and to heal the earth of prior environmental terrorism.

Originally published in 1975, Solution Three presents a future society in which reproductive control and homosexuality shape a more equitable life for all, eradicating aggression and racism, curbing overpopulation, and providing a dependable food supply. But there are those who are rebelling in this peaceful world: Miryam, a geneticist, secretly married, is rearing her own children; Lilac, a surrogate mother chosen to carry a Clone baby, is delaying her son’s seizure for social conditioning; and even the carefully conditioned Clones are behaving unexpectedly. This novel asks the courageous question: What is the cost to women of new models of reproducing life, regardless of the intentions behind the goal?

"One of the great subversive thinkers and peaceable transgressors of the twentieth century, Naomi Mitchison combines scientific understanding with humane social conscience in a fascinating visionary novel. We are just catching up to this wise, complex, lucid mind that has for ninety-seven years been a generation or two ahead of her time. A thought-experiment in the psychology and ethics of tampering with gender and genetics, Solution Three could have been written yesterday, and will certainly be read tomorrow." —Ursula K. Le Guin, author of The Left Hand of Darkness

"Spoofing, irreverent, subversive in every direction, Solution Three is a must read for all who are interested in compassionate spaces opened by provocative re-examination of sexualities." —Jill Benton, author of Naomi Mitchison: A Biography