Sister Gin

Sister Gin

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June Arnold
A group of elderly female vigilantes take local rape deterrence into their own hands.

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558610101
Publication Date: 09-01-1989

Afterword by Jane Marcus

Aging, alcoholism, and lesbian consciousness are among the themes of this extraordinary novel. Innovative in style, it also stands squarely in the southern literary tradition, depicting with memorable hilarity a group of elderly female vigilantes who take local rape deterrence into their own hands.

"Sister Gin is a tour de force about lesbianism and alcoholism, fat and feminism, rape and race, falling in love with your lover's mother's girlfriend, and it has the very best description of hot flashes in literature." —Jane Marcus, author of Art and Anger: Reading Like a Woman

"Sister Gin may well be the most provocative and invigorating novel to emerge from the women's liberation and lesbian feminist movements. With a dazzling command of language and characterization, June Arnold undermines our comfortable assumptions about age, sexuality, relationships, and politics. The Feminist Press deserves our gratitude for reissuing this long-lost classic and Jane Marcus our admiration for her insightful afterword." —Bonnie Zimmerman, author of Lesbian Histories and Cultures

"Sister Gin is a wildly imaginative and luminously tender novel about the risks involved in being honest women. June Arnold's angry, brassy, funny, and vulnerable lesbian love story is a gift to intelligent readers everywhere." —Valerie Miner, author of All Good Women