Not So Quiet...

Not So Quiet...

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Helen Zenna Smith
Stepdaughters of War

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9780935312829
Publication Date: 02-01-1989

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Afterword by Jane Marcus

Praised by the Chicago Sun-Times for its “furious, indignant power,” this story offers a rare, funny, bitter, and feminist look at war. First published in London in 1930, Not So Quiet... (on the Western Front) describes a group of British women ambulance drivers on the French front lines during World War I, surviving shell fire, cold, and their punishing commandant, "Mrs. Bitch." The novel takes the guise of an autobiography by Smith, pseudonym for Evadne Price. The novel's power comes from Smith's outrage at the senselessness of war, at her country's complacent patriotism, and her own daily contact with the suffering and the wounded.

"A powerful condemnation of war and the societies that glamorize it." —Kirkus

"This intriguing book . . . vividly and impressionistically tells of the author's tour of duty in France. . . . One welcomes its return to print." —New York Times Book Review

"The reader of Not So Quiet . . . today is immediately gripped by its furious, indignant power." —Chicago Sun-Times