Music and Women

Music and Women


Sophie Drinker
The Story of Women in Their Relation to Music

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558611160
Publication Date: 11-01-1995

Preface by Elizabeth Wood
Afterword by Ruth A. Solie

Music and Women provides an unparalleled compendium of information about women's relationship to music and a powerful theoretical model for reconceptualizing this relationship. Author Sophie Drinker was an amateur performer and collector fully steeped in the traditions of Western (male) art music who wondered, almost seventy years ago, "Why do [women] allow themselves to be merely the carriers of the creative musical imagination of men? Why do they not use the language of music, as they use gesture and speech, to communicate their own ideas and feelings?"

For answers, Drinker embarked on twenty years of research that took her around the world and resulted in her major work, Music and Women, first published in 1948.

Presenting women as central to musical life and its creations, Music and Women surveys women’s musical production in cultures from New Guinea to Siberia, from ancient times to the mid-twentieth century. Music and Women is a forerunner of much current feminist scholarship and remains the only single source for such extensive cross-cultural information on women’s musical lives.

"A work of great historical significance that will prove useful and informative to students of music and cognate disciplines." —Barbara L. Hampton, Director, Graduate Program in Ethnomusicology, Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY