Avie's Dreams

Avie's Dreams


Makeda Lewis
An Afro-Feminist Coloring Book

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Paperback Edition
Publication Date: 09-13-2016

Part activity book, part surrealist poem, Avie's Dreams takes an interactive and wildly introspective approach to afro-feminist self-discovery and girlhood.

A young dreamer wanders through a personal mythology of women warriors, tropical flowers, and sea creatures. A radically introspective and interpersonal take on the usual coming-of-age tale, Avie firmly establishes her authorial role—and infuses ancient Greek lore, Renaissance scripts, and Hollywood blockbusters with images of afro-centricity and queer identity.

Despite the continued popularity of adult coloring books, few actually incorporate adult literary themes into their pages. Avie's Dreams is beautifully illustrated, but also tells a complex and challenging narrative of race, gender and sexuality, and body image. Interspersed with lyrics and quotes taken from contemporary Internet culture and modern poetry, the story investigates the trials and magic of a young black girl growing up in the world.