Maíread Corrigan and Betty Williams

Maíread Corrigan and Betty Williams

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Sarah Buscher and Bettina Ling
Making Peace in Northern Ireland

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Paperback Edition
ISBN: 9781558612013
Publication Date: 08-01-1999

Foreword by Charlotte Bunch

This biography of Maíread Corrigan and Betty Williams, winners of the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize, proves that ordinary people, united in a common desire for peace, can transform their nation and their world.

Born into hard-working families in the Catholic section of Belfast, Corrigan and Williams grew up amid the suspicion and bloodshed familiar to most residents of Northern Ireland. But when the violence that had torn their country apart for decades touched their own lives, these two "ordinary" women knew they had to fight for peace. The grassroots movement they led brought Catholics and Protestants together in nonviolent marches and demonstrations that drew tens of thousands of people and showed the world that Northern Ireland was yearning for peace.