Save the date for the 2020 GALA:
A Celebration of 50 years of Feminist Publishing

June 10, 2020

Edison Ballroom NYC

About the Awards:

The Feminist Press Annual Feminist Power Awards are presented to visionaries whose leadership advances human rights, dignity, and empowerment. This yearly celebration is attended by a dynamic group of 200 leaders in business, arts, politics, community, and culture, active in support of women’s, LGBTQ, and diversity issues.

Past honorees and presenters have included Mariam Chamberlain, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Dr. Brittney Cooper, Eve Ensler, Aydian Dowling, Jane Fonda, Marilyn French, Kathleen Hanna, Arianna Huffington, Deborah Santana, Teri Hines, Cindi Leive, Sheila Johnson, Marcy Syms, Kerry Kennedy, Janet Mock, Mira Nair, Gloria Steinem, Cyndi Lauper, Jules Spector, Uma Thurman, Alice Walker, Barbara Walters, Jill Soloway, Chirlane McCray, and Joan Jett.

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Celebrating 49 years of Feminist Publishing!

Feminism is for everybody—those are bell hooks’ famous words, and they’re also what I think of when I think of the Feminist Press. The Press has, from its beginning, helped bring the revelatory ideas of feminism into the hands of everyone who wants and needs it—which is to say all of us. Fifty years after its birth, its work is not done, so let’s keep going!
— Cindi Leive, 2019 Feminist Power Award Honoree
The books that have meant the most to me have been books written by women who were repeatedly told that their experiences, their voices, their lives did not matter. Feminist books are the ones written by those who despite hearing this, they wrote anyway— and without those books—I would not be there. Supporting the work of the Feminist Press ensures that we uplift voices that would otherwise be silenced.
— Janet Mock, 2014 Feminist Power Award Honoree
The Feminist Press makes space for the kinds of stories that too often don’t get told, don’t get air, don’t get heard. I will always support institutions that value and amplify voices that too often have been quieted or ignored. This is the very heart of what the Feminist Press does.
— Rebecca Traister, 2019 Feminist Power Award Honoree